How to join the SCCP?

To join the SCCP, you must:

Send your application to the secretariat and to the president of the association
Vous devrez joindre à  votre candidature :
  • A letter of application which will specify the desired status (Holder, Associate);
  • Your curriculum vitae and possibly a list of titles and works,
  • A photocopy of your specialty diploma or any equivalent supporting documents.

              The board of directors will then decide on the approval of new members. Once validated, your application will be submitted and approved at the Annual General Meeting (AG). You will then receive an email with a membership certificate for the current year.

Pay your membership fee and pay your annual membership fee regularly

Membership fees amount to 20,000 FCFA

The annual contributions are fixed at:

            – 40,000 FCFA for active full members

            – 25,000 FCFA for associate members

Bank Information


Bank account number: 10029 26011 30830046524

Fill in the registration form
Once your application has been accepted by the General Assembly (AG) and after you have paid your membership fees, you must complete the registration form located at

Subsequently you will receive within 48 hours an e-mail with your login details and password which will allow you to log into your member area in order to have access to our discussion forum and the set of techniques. that we will publish.

Types of SSCP members