The Cameroonian Association of Pédiatric Surgeons (SCCP) is a learned society mobilized to advance research in the field of pediatric surgery.

The aim of this company is to improve the care and support of children with surgical pathology in Cameroon. Its objectives are to:

  • Promote, support, strengthen, develop knowledge in pediatric surgery.

  • Develop and encourage actions to prevent surgical pathologies in children.

  • Develop and encourage methods and actions for training and teaching the specialty.

  • Promote continuing medical education actions.

  • Develop, strengthen and promote cooperation with medical and non-medical players whose work is in the field of pediatric surgery.

Part of the site is reserved for pediatric surgeons who are members of the SCCP up to date with their contributions and is only accessible after registering with the site. This registration also gives access to a forum where they will have access to videos and images of the different surgical methods thus allowing them to deepen their knowledge while having the possibility of discussing and exposing their different difficulties depending on the method published.